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Italy – a dreamland….!

Posted by nkashokbharan on December 27, 2008

flag of italiaThough my purpose of travel was to attend the World School Forum, I had a nice visit around Italy which was amazing and truly exciting. I used to wonder why William Shakespeare has used many Italian cities in his plays, I used to wonder what made that brilliant play-write to chose the Italian cities when there were many others, but ultimately this around Italy in 4 days made me understand why.

The conference was in Busto Arsizio – it was near Milano (Milan) or in Milano (I am confused), Milano as we have heard is a city of fashion, I saw thousands and thousands of fashion stores though most of them were above the capacity of my pocket to pay! ;-). It is a very nice city and very modern in comparison to other sites in Italy. Apart from the Milano city we went on a field trip to Stresa lake in Verbania, what a place that was, the beauty of the lake and surroundings were amazing, no words to explain (may be because I am not Shakespeare).
From Milano my first take off (not really by plane but by train!) was to Veniezia (Venice) – I used to wonder how a city can be in middle of water, I mean without roads but water as alternate. Oh! It was very beautiful or think of a word which is more than beautiful. It is a wonderland, a floating city, It was really exciting to travel around venice for 45 minutes. Buses were boats, Police vehicles were boats, ambulances were boats every thing to travel were boats…. boats everywhere in different sizes and styles, especially the traditional Gondola boats – now only used for tourists looks amazing! The buildings and structures we very exciting and mind blowing, especially the traditional masks were wonderful!
From Venice the next destination was Firenze (Florence) – it was night when we reached Florence and Florence at night was so beautiful. The city was like an Angel with stars glooming in night. It was really gorgeous. The amazing structures and buildings were so beautiful and in night they were glooming in light. Especially the Ponte Vecchio – The Bridge over the river was glooming in lights! I was really amazed to see the huge buildings, churches, palace and bridges! Great city, very ancient looking!
Then after the night stay at Firenze the next travel was to Pisa. Pisa – we remember the leaning tower of Pisa when hearing it! Yes! a wonderful city in Tuscany. The main attraction in Pisa is the Piazza Dei Miracoli – it is the cathedral with the leaning bell tower and the baptistery. The leaning tower was beautiful, though it was under renovation at the time I visited. The Cathedral was very beautiful. I was happy that I saw a World Wonder through my eyes – DIRECTLY!
Next was the ultimate destination – ROMA (Rome)! Very ancient, majestic city it is! We travelled around by the sightseeing bus service for tourists. What would be the main attraction – obviously it was one of the World Wonders – THE COLOSSEUM! Since the roads to the Colosseum were under renovation it was a fifteen minutes walk for me to the Colosseum, it was Majestic! What a structure it is! Then visited a few more sites like the Pantheon, Forum Romanum, Vittorio Emanuele Monument had a view of the Roma Castle and traveled through the roads of Rome to see the exciting ancient architecture and last but not least had a look at the Vatican City too, though didn’t have a walk around!
All these just in 4 Days! – including travelling back to Milano from Rome to catch the flight to Sri Lanka – was really hurrying.
I wish I had more time in Italy – but pledged to visit Italy again one day to enjoy the beauty totally – without a hurry!


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