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World recession and club football transfers….

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 16, 2009

These days we read, listen and many things on world economy crisis & recession, and the latest famous football player transfers arose a question on whether it is true that the world is in ‘real’ financial crisis.

Ronaldo & Kaka

Real Madrid – the Spanish based rich football club has spent approx.140 Million Pounds on 2 players – Kaka & C.Ronaldo. Earlier real madrid confirmed the signing of Kaka for approx.50 million pounds from the Italian football giants AC Milan and later they confirmed an agreement with Manchester United FC for signing of Christiano Ronaldo for a deal worth of approx.80 Million Pounds. The first transfer was a world record (real madrid broke it’s own record of signing zenedin zidane) and then within a week real madrid broke their own record by signing Ronaldo.

At contemporary – where the world is suffering with huge financial crisis, these signings raise a doubt and a hard question on ‘economical recession’.

Leaving that apart – as a sport these ‘huge’ buyings are really challenging the fair play theory. Though it is hard to predict whether real madrid will achieve heights with these signings, yet there are huge differences between the richer clubs and the other clubs. And I personally don’t believe that such things are good for the development and stability of football.


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