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Narcissistic & showing off people

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 17, 2009

We meet millions of people in our life – all of different sorts and kinds yet among them I saw a very small set of similar people who were loathsome because they are very much showing off and have the attitude ‘it’s all about ME’.

Narcisstic & EgoistWell, showing off or publicising yourself is not wrong – but we should make sure that we do it in the right way. These showing off people I talk of aren’t those people do good things nor work hard for credits, These are the people who work with their mouth for the most to full fill their own wills & aspirations and do nothing to others nor the society! They are absolute narcissist and never ever have anything useful to give except problems. Because of their self-centered motives they try to full fill their own wills, thus if anything goes wrong about their aspirations they cause immense trouble.

We should be very much warned about these characters, because they may look like good friends but highly poisoned inside and can transform into your major enemy when they fail to achieve what they want. Basically these people are very showing off type and egoist, because they feel that showing off is the easiest way to gain speculation and then support. They even show off all small things they do & have and try to convince others to support them in achieving their self-centered aims and after coming to heights using others they demean others and prove their egoism.

Working with them can be sweet in short time – until they come to good position but after that it will be more bitter that even the dreams of those sweet moments will also transform into nightmares.


P.S. : This post is not on any accusations towards anyone but a  general idea.


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