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Solving Problems

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 18, 2009

Problems are part of life. Each & every human being (or may be living being) is facing problems every moment. If anyone say I am living without problems – that means he is lying or not really living a  life. Problems very commonly occur. From small issues to major conflicts problems take different avatars and coem with different masks.

Get together : resolve conflictsBasic reason for a conflict or a  problem is mis understanding or not understanding. If all of us understand & respect each other then problems won’t occur but it is not practical. For many reasons & in many situations we don’t undertsand others or don’t want to understand others or simply mis understand others – all of themwhich cause conflicts & issues. For the people who don’t understand, we can try different ways to make them understand and solve the issue. For the people who mis-understood a  thing, we can point out their mis belief and make them understand. But the toughest part is with the people with the attitude of ‘I don’t want to understand’ your problem. These type of characters really don’t bother to understand others’ problems, because simply they are of the point that they don’t care about that all or they care only about themselves and stay self-centered.

Handling problems with those characters are hard yet the world had proved it possible – because we also should understand the reason why they are not prepared to understand your problem. If we understand that, then by finding a way to convince them will work. So the first step is we should listen and understand why they are not bothered about others’ concerns and enlighten them with the necessary facts, because they may have  a strong reason for doing that. Then slowly we have to make them understand our problem and then when they understand – 90% of the problem is solved.

90% of Conflict Resolution is depended on ‘understanding’ – If no understanding then no conflict resolution. The world should know by now that conflicts & problems cannot be solved  by violance or  dictatorship. Violance can be a  temporary solution but it has proved a failure in the longer run.

Thus, if you ahve a  problem – talk out and solve it and don;t forget to understand the other side also!


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