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Royal thrash off the wooden kings!

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 22, 2009

A beautiful Sunday evening (21st June 2009) the most expected school rugby encounter of the season and a great top table clash between Royal College & Kingswood College. The game kicked off at around 4.30 p.m. at the Royal College Sports Complex, Colombo. All spectators were very enthusiastic to see a great rough game and truly the game was very aggressive and a rough one. The first yellow card came out immediately just after 3 minutes of play to Kingswood’s center Weeresekara for his aggressive & rough game. But it did not stop the aggressive play. It was the Kings who placed their score first on the board with a great try and then a great conversion. Then the war heated up and the Royals were fighting their way to touch the line and it was not an easy attempt to succeed. The Kings’ defense was tight and at last after many attempts No.13 Duminda Attygalle touched it for Royal and Mushin converted it with a great kick. The scores were tie now and then with a penalty awarded it was Mushin Faleel who gave the lead with a penalty goal.

Hasthika in action for Royal!

Then it was No.9 Aqeel Sathuk who scored the next try for Royal – the ‘Little Talented Star’ of Royal did not have time to celebrate, because he was shown a  yellow card for a very rough behavior at the try line, yet his scoring gave some time for Royal to breath. Mushin converted that try also with his experienced boot. Now the shocking time comes when the Kingswood skipper breaks out to keep a great try which was beautifully converted and the Score tally became 17 : 14 at half time.

The second half was jubilant for Royalists but not without the hard work. It was the Royal Flanker Hasthika Bandaranayake who touched down and then another conversion from Mushin to make the scores tally at 24 : 14. Then came a penalty for Kingswood and Royal’s Ranga Perera was shown a  yellow card just within seconds after Aqeel Sathuk returned from the sin bin. The penalty was cleverly taken by the Kings to add 3 more points to their score. Then comes the hot scene when the Kings’ Center Weeresekara was penalized again and gained a red card and was sent off. The poorly performed Royals’ Shailendra Chandresegar was replaced with Nabil Faizer. Here started a new game for Royal – Nabil Faizer scored the try and unfortunately Mushin missed the conversion.

Naren scores a Jubiliant try!Then it was a great run by Chamara Dabare from Royal’s half to the other and his pass to the Royal skipper Naren Dhason made an easy try for Royal. Naren scored the try without any defensive problems from Kingswood and followed a conversion from Mushin. The last try of the game came from Royal winger Shamil Ahamed and again converted by Mushin Faleel. That was the end of the game and the score tally ended up with 43 : 17.

royal kingswood final scoreA great Royal victory! And I should mention the extra ordinary talent, skill and team work presented by Royal throughout this season which achieved them an unbeaten, victorious season so far and two games to go.

I really enjoyed the game and it was  a memorable one too. I wish to congratulate Naren & his team – who proved it tough for anyone to beat Royal!


One Response to “Royal thrash off the wooden kings!”

  1. good article bro..
    congrats Team ROYAL…

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