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The answer from Steve Waugh…

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 22, 2009

Steve WaughToday I had an exciting opportunity to ask a question from the great cricketer and an inspirational ex. captain of the kangaroos Steve Waugh. Today the Australian College of business & Technology along with Royal College organized a leadership training programme at the ‘Navarangahala’ of Royal College. He made a great speech on his experience as the captain of the Aussies and shared thoughts on leadership.

In the Q&A time, I got an opportunity to ask a question and the answer he gave was very interesting. I asked him “As a captain & a leader have you ever felt frustrated?” And what he said was “Frustration is common when you are a leader and it will be with you always. Because when you are a leader you are under pressure always. At times you may need to take hard decisions for the betterment of your institution. For example I had to take a very tough decision as a Captain of Australia to drop my Vice Captain & the famous bowler Shane Warne – because he was not fully cured after a shoulder injury. Though it was a tough decision and a frustrating one I had to do it for the best to my institution – the Australian cricket team. So it is natural for a leader to be frustrated at times”

(These aren’t the exact words used by Steve Waugh, but an extract from my memory on my wording)


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