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Royal thrash off the wooden kings!

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 22, 2009

A beautiful Sunday evening (21st June 2009) the most expected school rugby encounter of the season and a great top table clash between Royal College & Kingswood College. The game kicked off at around 4.30 p.m. at the Royal College Sports Complex, Colombo. All spectators were very enthusiastic to see a great rough game and truly the game was very aggressive and a rough one. The first yellow card came out immediately just after 3 minutes of play to Kingswood’s center Weeresekara for his aggressive & rough game. But it did not stop the aggressive play. It was the Kings who placed their score first on the board with a great try and then a great conversion. Then the war heated up and the Royals were fighting their way to touch the line and it was not an easy attempt to succeed. The Kings’ defense was tight and at last after many attempts No.13 Duminda Attygalle touched it for Royal and Mushin converted it with a great kick. The scores were tie now and then with a penalty awarded it was Mushin Faleel who gave the lead with a penalty goal.

Hasthika in action for Royal!

Then it was No.9 Aqeel Sathuk who scored the next try for Royal – the ‘Little Talented Star’ of Royal did not have time to celebrate, because he was shown a  yellow card for a very rough behavior at the try line, yet his scoring gave some time for Royal to breath. Mushin converted that try also with his experienced boot. Now the shocking time comes when the Kingswood skipper breaks out to keep a great try which was beautifully converted and the Score tally became 17 : 14 at half time.

The second half was jubilant for Royalists but not without the hard work. It was the Royal Flanker Hasthika Bandaranayake who touched down and then another conversion from Mushin to make the scores tally at 24 : 14. Then came a penalty for Kingswood and Royal’s Ranga Perera was shown a  yellow card just within seconds after Aqeel Sathuk returned from the sin bin. The penalty was cleverly taken by the Kings to add 3 more points to their score. Then comes the hot scene when the Kings’ Center Weeresekara was penalized again and gained a red card and was sent off. The poorly performed Royals’ Shailendra Chandresegar was replaced with Nabil Faizer. Here started a new game for Royal – Nabil Faizer scored the try and unfortunately Mushin missed the conversion.

Naren scores a Jubiliant try!Then it was a great run by Chamara Dabare from Royal’s half to the other and his pass to the Royal skipper Naren Dhason made an easy try for Royal. Naren scored the try without any defensive problems from Kingswood and followed a conversion from Mushin. The last try of the game came from Royal winger Shamil Ahamed and again converted by Mushin Faleel. That was the end of the game and the score tally ended up with 43 : 17.

royal kingswood final scoreA great Royal victory! And I should mention the extra ordinary talent, skill and team work presented by Royal throughout this season which achieved them an unbeaten, victorious season so far and two games to go.

I really enjoyed the game and it was  a memorable one too. I wish to congratulate Naren & his team – who proved it tough for anyone to beat Royal!


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Is democracy a success?

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 19, 2009

in this contemporary globe – we talk more about democracy but do we really get the point of democracy? – this question stroked into my mind after listening a long lecture on democracy at my Political Science class.

Well what is democracy? it means that the state power is held by people of that state or simply the people decides the ruler (or rulers) of the state. This system is believed to be fist in practice in Greece, and later spread all over the globe – may be not in the same model but took many different forms based on the same concept. From those before Christ days up to now democracy has been very complicated and a tough thing to practice exactly the way it is meant to.

democracy - a challenge!Yes, it is true that in democracy it claims that the people are the deciders, that means giving equal rights to all people to decide their ruler (or rulers), but does that mean that really ‘the people’ are deciding? – no, it is the ‘majority opinion’ which is deciding. So simply we can define democracy as ‘majority’s choice’.

‘democracy’ became a real need for all those people who suffered under monarchs. when the majority felt that they are discriminated by the monarchy , they rebelled against it and after the successful downfall of the monarchy – they chose a  ruling system which suited them – which gave them all rights, which fulfilled their aspirations – this thing happened mostly in the western countries like UK & France where they had one community & one language for the whole country so democracy seemed working for them.

But when this theory was applied to the eastern countries in the 17th,18th & 19th centuries, which had many communities, ethnicities, castes, religions, and very well diverse in many ways then a problem occurred. As we said earlier democracy is ‘majority’s choice’ – and when it came into these multi ethnic nations – the communities which had population power easily chose the rulers and satisfied their needs and aspirations from them, whereas due to their lack of population the other ethnicities were considered ‘the minorities’ and discriminated from achieving their aspirations! This is what has caused many problems in these eastern nations. In one perspective democracy has failed in these nations but democracy isn’t a constant avatar, it is a thought which can be dressed up the way which suits us, thus when it is moulded into a suitable system which satisfies all ethnic communities – then that will prove successful. A great example for this is Switzerland. The Swiss federal government model is a great forefront system for all multi ethnic countries yet we should understand that it is hard to practice.

democracy has its’ advantages but it will also be disadvantages if not properly tailored according to your needs, because we cannot practice the same model of democracy followed in the UK in India and we cannot assume that American democracy model will suite Sri Lanka, because each & every nation’s nature & needs are different and the systems & models too should differ too.

we should note one important thing in democracy. If at all democracy in a country is used by the ‘majority’ to ruthlessly rule the ‘minority’ – the goodness of democracy will be demolished and the country will have to face many challenges in succeeding as a prosperous nation. So it is an important duty of the political intellectuals to find a proper and suitable model of democracy to their country considering the needs and aspirations not only of the majority but also of the minority.

Let’s make democracy a success!

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Solving Problems

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 18, 2009

Problems are part of life. Each & every human being (or may be living being) is facing problems every moment. If anyone say I am living without problems – that means he is lying or not really living a  life. Problems very commonly occur. From small issues to major conflicts problems take different avatars and coem with different masks.

Get together : resolve conflictsBasic reason for a conflict or a  problem is mis understanding or not understanding. If all of us understand & respect each other then problems won’t occur but it is not practical. For many reasons & in many situations we don’t undertsand others or don’t want to understand others or simply mis understand others – all of themwhich cause conflicts & issues. For the people who don’t understand, we can try different ways to make them understand and solve the issue. For the people who mis-understood a  thing, we can point out their mis belief and make them understand. But the toughest part is with the people with the attitude of ‘I don’t want to understand’ your problem. These type of characters really don’t bother to understand others’ problems, because simply they are of the point that they don’t care about that all or they care only about themselves and stay self-centered.

Handling problems with those characters are hard yet the world had proved it possible – because we also should understand the reason why they are not prepared to understand your problem. If we understand that, then by finding a way to convince them will work. So the first step is we should listen and understand why they are not bothered about others’ concerns and enlighten them with the necessary facts, because they may have  a strong reason for doing that. Then slowly we have to make them understand our problem and then when they understand – 90% of the problem is solved.

90% of Conflict Resolution is depended on ‘understanding’ – If no understanding then no conflict resolution. The world should know by now that conflicts & problems cannot be solved  by violance or  dictatorship. Violance can be a  temporary solution but it has proved a failure in the longer run.

Thus, if you ahve a  problem – talk out and solve it and don;t forget to understand the other side also!

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Narcissistic & showing off people

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 17, 2009

We meet millions of people in our life – all of different sorts and kinds yet among them I saw a very small set of similar people who were loathsome because they are very much showing off and have the attitude ‘it’s all about ME’.

Narcisstic & EgoistWell, showing off or publicising yourself is not wrong – but we should make sure that we do it in the right way. These showing off people I talk of aren’t those people do good things nor work hard for credits, These are the people who work with their mouth for the most to full fill their own wills & aspirations and do nothing to others nor the society! They are absolute narcissist and never ever have anything useful to give except problems. Because of their self-centered motives they try to full fill their own wills, thus if anything goes wrong about their aspirations they cause immense trouble.

We should be very much warned about these characters, because they may look like good friends but highly poisoned inside and can transform into your major enemy when they fail to achieve what they want. Basically these people are very showing off type and egoist, because they feel that showing off is the easiest way to gain speculation and then support. They even show off all small things they do & have and try to convince others to support them in achieving their self-centered aims and after coming to heights using others they demean others and prove their egoism.

Working with them can be sweet in short time – until they come to good position but after that it will be more bitter that even the dreams of those sweet moments will also transform into nightmares.


P.S. : This post is not on any accusations towards anyone but a  general idea.

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World recession and club football transfers….

Posted by nkashokbharan on June 16, 2009

These days we read, listen and many things on world economy crisis & recession, and the latest famous football player transfers arose a question on whether it is true that the world is in ‘real’ financial crisis.

Ronaldo & Kaka

Real Madrid – the Spanish based rich football club has spent approx.140 Million Pounds on 2 players – Kaka & C.Ronaldo. Earlier real madrid confirmed the signing of Kaka for approx.50 million pounds from the Italian football giants AC Milan and later they confirmed an agreement with Manchester United FC for signing of Christiano Ronaldo for a deal worth of approx.80 Million Pounds. The first transfer was a world record (real madrid broke it’s own record of signing zenedin zidane) and then within a week real madrid broke their own record by signing Ronaldo.

At contemporary – where the world is suffering with huge financial crisis, these signings raise a doubt and a hard question on ‘economical recession’.

Leaving that apart – as a sport these ‘huge’ buyings are really challenging the fair play theory. Though it is hard to predict whether real madrid will achieve heights with these signings, yet there are huge differences between the richer clubs and the other clubs. And I personally don’t believe that such things are good for the development and stability of football.

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Italy – a dreamland….!

Posted by nkashokbharan on December 27, 2008

flag of italiaThough my purpose of travel was to attend the World School Forum, I had a nice visit around Italy which was amazing and truly exciting. I used to wonder why William Shakespeare has used many Italian cities in his plays, I used to wonder what made that brilliant play-write to chose the Italian cities when there were many others, but ultimately this around Italy in 4 days made me understand why.

The conference was in Busto Arsizio – it was near Milano (Milan) or in Milano (I am confused), Milano as we have heard is a city of fashion, I saw thousands and thousands of fashion stores though most of them were above the capacity of my pocket to pay! ;-). It is a very nice city and very modern in comparison to other sites in Italy. Apart from the Milano city we went on a field trip to Stresa lake in Verbania, what a place that was, the beauty of the lake and surroundings were amazing, no words to explain (may be because I am not Shakespeare).
From Milano my first take off (not really by plane but by train!) was to Veniezia (Venice) – I used to wonder how a city can be in middle of water, I mean without roads but water as alternate. Oh! It was very beautiful or think of a word which is more than beautiful. It is a wonderland, a floating city, It was really exciting to travel around venice for 45 minutes. Buses were boats, Police vehicles were boats, ambulances were boats every thing to travel were boats…. boats everywhere in different sizes and styles, especially the traditional Gondola boats – now only used for tourists looks amazing! The buildings and structures we very exciting and mind blowing, especially the traditional masks were wonderful!
From Venice the next destination was Firenze (Florence) – it was night when we reached Florence and Florence at night was so beautiful. The city was like an Angel with stars glooming in night. It was really gorgeous. The amazing structures and buildings were so beautiful and in night they were glooming in light. Especially the Ponte Vecchio – The Bridge over the river was glooming in lights! I was really amazed to see the huge buildings, churches, palace and bridges! Great city, very ancient looking!
Then after the night stay at Firenze the next travel was to Pisa. Pisa – we remember the leaning tower of Pisa when hearing it! Yes! a wonderful city in Tuscany. The main attraction in Pisa is the Piazza Dei Miracoli – it is the cathedral with the leaning bell tower and the baptistery. The leaning tower was beautiful, though it was under renovation at the time I visited. The Cathedral was very beautiful. I was happy that I saw a World Wonder through my eyes – DIRECTLY!
Next was the ultimate destination – ROMA (Rome)! Very ancient, majestic city it is! We travelled around by the sightseeing bus service for tourists. What would be the main attraction – obviously it was one of the World Wonders – THE COLOSSEUM! Since the roads to the Colosseum were under renovation it was a fifteen minutes walk for me to the Colosseum, it was Majestic! What a structure it is! Then visited a few more sites like the Pantheon, Forum Romanum, Vittorio Emanuele Monument had a view of the Roma Castle and traveled through the roads of Rome to see the exciting ancient architecture and last but not least had a look at the Vatican City too, though didn’t have a walk around!
All these just in 4 Days! – including travelling back to Milano from Rome to catch the flight to Sri Lanka – was really hurrying.
I wish I had more time in Italy – but pledged to visit Italy again one day to enjoy the beauty totally – without a hurry!

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World School Forum 2008 – Italy

Posted by nkashokbharan on December 27, 2008

WSF’ 08!

What a wonderful experience it was! Still the feel is not dead… still the passion is not gone, Oh! What an experience was that!

[pic : the wsf’08]
World School Forum 2008 at Busto Arsizio, Italy! I was one of the 4 member delegates from Sri Lanka representating Royal College. There were totally 21 delegation groups from 21 schools in 21 different countries. It wasn’t actually like a conference but a REAL WORLD SCHOOL! – a school of students from all over the world.
The main topics for discussion & debates were
Food Miles
GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) &
Human Water Use.
Under the theme ‘Where We Stand Together’ the Forum started with joyful faces. It was really exciting to meet different people from different parts of the world, speaking different languages & with different traditions & culture, yet ‘We Stand Together’!!!
Though we discussed, analyzed and debated on very serious issues, there was no limit for fun also, all enjoyed for the maximum! We went on small trips, sight seeing, time spending, and even visited malls, enjoyed in pubs (oops! not liqour though….), went bowling, visited factories and even played a number of fun games. Seriously it was serious yet with fun!
[pic : joy filled faces]
In the start we had introduction presentations, those are to introduce our country and school, It was great I got to know a bit deeper & closer about various countries and culture.
[pic : at the intro presentation]
Then the exhibition stalls were also amazing, It was really a great experience, we shared something about our countries and schools in that exhibition.
[pic : at our exhibition stall]
Visiting the Mayor of Busto Arsizio was exciting, He was very friendly and funny, I never expected the mayor to be so friendly with everyone!
[pic : with the mayor]
The highlight of the forum is the 4 day home stay. Each of us stay in one of our host’s house. That was a great experience. Well my Host was the president of the student community of the Italian host school ITC Enrico Tosi. Gianluca – (my friend now!) he was my host, I stayed at his house, wow it was a great experience, because except for Gianluca, his elder brother Franceso and his girlfriend no one else in that house knows English, and my Italian was limited to few words like Ciao, Grazie, Prego, Scouza, Come stai?, bene, & molto bella. Anyways it was interesting, I managed with actions, signals, and at times with a smile! 🙂
Now the main part of the forum – the debates & discussion, It was exciting, I chose the topic ‘Human Water Use’ and for some good luck the Region of Lombardia (It is one of the states of Italy) Council chose our topic to be debated in the council room! Because they were also debating on the same issue in the council and they wanted to know different views. I was debating on Supporting Water Privatization! – and luckily or may be due to my Economical perspective debate the jury pannel which included the Chairman (Chief Minister) of Lombardia Region and some members of the council and a Director from the UN’s FAO appreciated my speech and gave an extra credit to that, for which I am always thankful to them.!
[pic : at the debate at the council room ]
But after the strong debates and discussions, what we understood is massive and hard to explain, because apart from the facts and points, what we have learnt is rather a feeling than theories. Theories are put up everywhere, but how many of us have the feel to implement them or atleast follow them? – this is the question arose in me after the debates, though I won the spell battle with logic and theories, what is the ultimate sollution available unless there is a practical action taken up?
It was exciting, and useful also, I was atleast enlightened about how the world is and where am I…. and also gave me the wisdom to think about the World before thinking about yourself.
It is an unforgetable experience. I would like to be there once again, but I know I will not have the same again. But what ever I have learnt from there is unforgetable for the whole of my life!
Atlast the final farewell dinner – a dinner with tears, because we didn’t move around with each other like delegates or representatives from different countries but we were like best friends and even more like a family! – The farewell was hard… too hard!
I think everyone should have such an experience in life – because ‘life is short – live it’!

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Posted by nkashokbharan on May 2, 2008

Grand Master – if u think of a chess champion then you are wrong!
I am talking about an intellectual Quiz master……… yes the Wisdom Gem of India
I was proud to get an opportunity to participate in one of his quiz shows “Shakthi Grand Master”! He is a very decent person, with a kind tougne! I was amazed to see him find all the personalities & places we think within just 21 questions! What a brilliance! & with such talent he is very kind and encouraging! He is not big headed (though he has all rights to be)!
Its very rare to meet people like him!

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Posted by nkashokbharan on March 24, 2008

i use to wonder… why the world is in such massacre?… why such things should happen?…. why the human dignity and humanity has fallen down…? May be the answer is given ages and ages ago by many philosophers….. like jesus christ, buddha, confiusius, saints of hinduism and prophet mohamed…. so why are we like this???? (may be some people can doubt “like what”?…) like wormins…. like…. inhumans…. worse than the worst species of the world….! WHY?
that’s the question….. the unanswered question with many answers (by many)!

the person who really… with feel…. and will…. asks the question to himself…. will soon find the same answer…. which has been already told to the world…. by many…. many….!
then…. with so many religions… and cults (most of them which gives the answer to the question) why hasn’t the world changed…. or may be why not enlightened…???


the question is easy and asked many times…. and the answers are also there…. but the solution is……???????????

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